What Language Blooms

What does it mean to say someone is using “correct” English? What does it say about us if we understand what someone else is saying but insist on correcting them anyway? And is irregardless really a word? Liz James and Rev. Anne Barker of Mirth and Dignity explore these questions and more in this funny and thoughtful sermon.
Mirth and Dignity is a Unitarian Universalist not-for-profit dedicated to humor, evangelism, worship, creating online UU content, and raising funds for good causes. Liz James does content creation, freelance writing, and preaching for a living. Rev. Anne Barker is a passionate Unitarian Universalist and minister of the Westwood Unitarian Congregation.

The service will be live at 10 AM via Zoom. Here is the link to the service.

You can download the Order of Service here.

A Community Conversation will follow the service, usually between 10:45 AM and 11 AM, depending on the length of the service. Here is the link to the Conversation.

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