Thanks to All!

Thank you to all who have participated so whole-heartedly in Candidating Week with Reverend Donna! As of Wednesday, 19 of our groups have met, with 190 people attending. As our minister for the week, Rev Donna has also reached out to many individuals by phone and Zoom, and has also attended several unscheduled meetings regarding church business.

With all of our hearts, we want to URGE YOU TO JOIN US TO VOTE during our Congregational Meeting on May 3rd at 10:45am. You must be present in Zoom to have your vote counted (unless you have already been identified as someone who is unable to connect to the meeting). If your household contains more than one voting member, please have each member join by separate device if at all possible.

  1. Why do we need 95% for a call vote?
  2. Our by-laws at A2U2 say 80% is required. But if more than 5% of our members vote against the minister, that constitutes a significant group within the congregation—enough to be very problematic.

If you have not yet had a chance to meet with Rev Donna, please take advantage of the two OPEN FORUM sessions scheduled for Friday Morning at 10am and Saturday afternoon at 6pm.


See you then!