The Darkness Invites Us to Look Within

If, as with Herod, we fill our lives with things,

and again more things;

If we consider ourselves so important that we must

fill every moment of our lives with action;

When will we have time to make the long,

slow journey across the burning desert, as did the Magi;

Or sit and watch the stars, as did the Shepherds;

Or brood over the coming of the child, as did Mary?

For each of us there is a desert to travel, a star to discover,

And a being within ourselves to bring to life.

                   Francesco Marshall

We are entering a sacred time of year.  The darkness invites us to look within.  The deep knowledge that beneath the withered plants, new life forms, reminds us that there are hidden, private places to which we can attend, that will bring life and joy, in time, with nurture,

And, I know…

This is a busy time.

A busy time for church activities.  We have been reminded that the Artisan Fair requires “All hands on deck!” And truly it is great fun to participate and feel the warmth of community.  It reminds us that we are about something larger than our isolated selves.

A busy time for family activities.  We create treasured memories for children and find new ways to bridge the generations.  We are reminded that we are part of a legacy- one we inherited, and one we pass on to the generations yet to come.

A busy time for renewing and refreshing relationships- cards and letters sent electronically, or in the US mail, parties with friends and co-workers, affirming the human connection and care.  We are reminded of the importance of the human touch.

These activities have value. They add richness to our lives, and to the lives of others.  And there is more

There is more to be had, found in the inner reaches of the soul.  December provides time and a spiritual space  to step back just enough to brood, to travel our desert, and discover our star, if we let it.

So, welcome the darkness, my friends, and even the cold that slows you down.

Take them as an invitation to take a different journey, inward, a journey of deep love and joy


Rev. Anita