“They were the best of times…”

“They were the best of times, and they were the worst of times.“ Someday they may say that about these times. Surely there are dreadful things about these times, and they are going to get worse before they get better.  Many of us will lose someone we love to the Corona virus.  It is a hard, sad truth. We are in this together.

And, in these difficult times of physical isolation, we learn new things about ourselves, and new ways to be together. Some initially born out of necessity, we may choose to continue. For example, having learned to have meetings by Zoom, we may now expand our pool of people who can participate. Parents Zooming in from home do not need to find childcare. People who cannot drive at night, can join evening programs. People who cannot hear in close, crowded, noisy spaces, can hear quite well on Zoom.  We are doing things remotely, but this community is not virtual- it is REAL. Let us get our creativity in gear!

Our Congregational Conversation at 10:30 provides opportunities that coffee hour never did.

People from the 9:00 am and 11:00 am services are seeing and hearing each other. Everyone can have their favorite coffee, in their own favorite cup, while we visit together.

This Sunday, about 75 people participated in our Congregational Conversation — up from about 50 the Sunday before. It is dynamic and fun! The Zoom link is in the worship section of this website.

Join us! We are in this together.

Blessings of affection,

Rev. Anita