We Have a Place for You


Our new church year has begun! So many exciting and challenging things weaving their way into the fabric of our community. Two wonderful Religious Education programs held on the grounds of the church! We welcome Emily Jones, our new Director of Religious Education, the Agility team has begun meeting again to explore guidelines and safety as we continue to live into our Unitarian Universalist faith in these times of Covid-19. The board of A2U2 continues to meet, the choir is creating music, Spiritual Enrichment Groups are continuing and soon the Community Council will be up and going again!

As I write, I’m reminded that it was September 30, 1770, that John Murray, Universalist minister offered his sermon in Good Luck Point, New Jersey. Having lost his wager with Thomas Potter, who had built the meetinghouse in the woods, Murray ended up preaching at Potter’s urging. Murray was exhausted upon his unexpected arrival to NJ. His ship became stuck on a stand bar on the southern New Jersey coast on his way to New York from England.

Prior to this travel, he had vowed never to preach again after his challenges in England. Murray’s losses included the death of his child, and wife, as well as time in prison for not being able to pay his debts. And in the face of all he carried, he delivered to those who came to hear, a new message of universal salvation; “all people are meant to be saved”. His message was transformative for those present, leading to the arrival of Universalism in the United States.

As Unitarian Universalists, we draw on a heritage of persistence in the face of challenge and tragedy. Just as Murray’s message created new ways forward, we are creating pathways forward during a time of both personal and political challenge.

Now and through the ages, Unitarian Universalism has a story to tell, a saving message of hope and transformation. We have a place for you to join in creatively engaging UUism during these times. We have a place for you, to catch your breath as you navigate life’s joys and challenges. We have a place for you, to reflect on how we move forward in our democracy with compassion and love. We are living our Unitarian Universalism through our choices and our votes.

We have a place for you!

Love and light,
Rev. Donna