What Does Healing Look Like Now?

“The things that matter most in our lives are not fantastic or grand. They are the moments when we touch one another, when we are there in the most attentive or caring way.” (Jack Kornfield)


“… the heart’s alchemy… can turn suffering into community, conflict into the energy of creativity, and tension into an opening toward the common good.”

(Parker Palmer, Healing the Heart of Democracy)


Dear Ones,

Our theme for November is healing which has ongoing meaning as Maine ranks highest in the nation for COVID -19 transmission. We also witness division in our nation, evident both before and after our recent elections.  We continue to reckon with the reality some of us are growing weary of.

What does healing look like now?

While zoom provides the freedom to gather without driving and enhanced participation for some of us with certain types of hearing loss, we long for a return to being together in the sanctuary, in the classrooms, in the memorial room at 524 Allen Avenue.

I long to know you in person, to worship on Sunday morning with the wonderful sounds of people of all ages with the kinds of mistakes that don’t have a re-take like it does on YouTube! I imagine what Allen Avenue UU Church’s energy is like in the chaos of coffee hour between services. It has been 3 months since we began our new ministry together and I’m so grateful to have avenues to begin to know you and love you.

The connection Jack Kornfield reminds us of in the quote above can ground us in re-membering our connection with each other. It is a reimagining, a sorting and sifting as we find ways to engage as a community. Remembering, recalling, is not enough right now. We must engage our creativity, welcome new people joining in the community who are looking for what we have to offer, what we especially have to offer during this time! We must re-member, creating new pathways for connection, through the new membership committee, with community council and spiritual enrichment groups, and outside (safely distanced) festivities and stewardship. We must re-member as we continue to welcome new people into our congregation. And we must re-member we are a place of healing, one relationship at a time, one group at a time, one community at a time and one more and another act toward healing ourselves and our democracy.

May our Unitarian Universalist faith, and our Allen Avenue community sustain us and invite us into healing moments, opening the alchemy of our hearts.

Some of you asked that we create a monthly video and I invite you to send me images that represent healing to you. Please email them to a2u2minister@gmail.com and we will show the video at the November 22nd.

Love and Light,

Rev. Donna