We have loved Willy.  He has brought joy and comfort and unconditional love to many, at meetings, in coffee hour, in your homes and hospital visits.  He has been happy here,

And, as some of you know, he has been sick, coughing and experiencing trouble breathing.   What was first thought to be a reaction to dryness from winter’s heating systems, later proved to be pneumonia.  We treated the pneumonia without success, only to learn that he had metastatic lung cancer hiding behind the pneumonia.  It progressed rapidly.

By  Monday it was obvious his struggle for breath and life was exhausting and painful.

Tuesday morning we said good-bye and Willy passed into a peaceful eternal rest.

It was sad indeed.  I could not have asked for a better partner in life and ministry.  With me, Willy loved church life, love meeting people, the young, the old and the in-between.  With me he was not bored at meetings.  And unlike me, he was not impatient about waiting-which is fortunate, because so much of his time was spent waiting.

Thank you for taking Willy into your hearts, for loving him as he loved you.

We will miss him together in our grief, as we share our stories.

Bob will be talking with the children about this on Sunday.  It is a gift for the children to gather,  and recognize how when love is given, it resides in our hearts, even when the beloved is taken away.

Thank you all for the kindness and love you have lavished on Willy.  It made the days he had very happy.

Yours, in both sorrow and joy,

Rev. Anita