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I Am Changing the Things I Cannot Accept

When I see the photo of a young woman, young enough to be my granddaughter, standing in a crowd and holding a handmade poster that says “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept,” I … read more.

Meet Willy!

It was wonderful meeting so many of you on Sunday, introducing ourselves and sharing stories. However, there was no vehicle or format in which I could introduce you to my dog Willy. Although many of you have met him, please, let me introduce you.

Willy is … read more.

Feeling Welcomed!

How does it feel to be welcomed? For most of us, it feels good. It may be that for us to feel welcomed is to feel included or accepted, acknowledged, valued, or offered a space. How that happens is different for each of us.
I … read more.