When World Events Threaten to Overwhelm Us, Tonglen May Help

Join Jane Prairie in this Summer Service where we will talk about Tonglen, a practice of “sending and receiving” taught in Tibetan Buddhism. Jane will share information she has been gathering and also guide us in some simple meditative practices to transform suffering into compassion.

We will visualize our hearts opening to the endless supply of the bright light of compassion and love. Together we will send this loving compassion out into the world and then practice breathing in suffering (first perhaps some small suffering of our own or a loved one) and letting it be transformed in our open hearts into bright white light and sending out the compassion again that wells up from there.

Jane has been overwhelmed, like so many of us, by the growing violence everywhere in the world. She learned about Tonglen several years ago in a Buddhist Sangha and is beginning to practice this more.

Jane Prairie is a long-time member of Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church in Portland Maine. She is a retired Social Worker and a beginner Ukulele player. She likes to sing for fun. She practices Reiki, teaches mindfulness skills and has been learning about Buddhism.

Masks are optional, but encouraged.

You can download the Order of Service here.

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