The Share the Plate recipient for June is The Yellow Tulip Project.

The core missions of The Yellow Tulip Project are to smash stigma associated with mental illness and to build community around help and hope for those living with mental illness. It was founded by teen Julia Hansen, who felt alone in dealing with her own depression from middle school into her sophomore year. The deafening silence and stigma that surrounds the topic kept her from reaching out for help. It took the tragedy of losing her two best friends to suicide at the age of 15 for her to find her voice and to speak out.

From this The Yellow Tulip Project was born, to create a space for determined youth to eradicate stigma, build community, and inspire productive conversations about how to combat the rising rates of suicide. The yellow tulip represents happiness and hope.

The Yellow Tulip Project is rooted in school programs and teen volunteers concentrated in New England but scattered throughout the country and the globe. The organization provides resources, mental health workshops, hope gardens, art exhibits and programming, and more in support of their mission.


Nominated by Naneen Chace-Ortiz.


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