At Maine Adaptive we believe that having access to and participating in recreational sports is integral to a well-rounded life for every person.

Founded in 1982, Maine Adaptive is now the largest year-round adaptive recreation program in the state of Maine for adults and children with disabilities. Over 400 volunteers assist our athletes in appreciating the joys and challenges of sports participation.

Maine Adaptive provides over 3,500 lessons winter and summer thanks to the generous support of individuals, businesses, corporations, and foundations that sustain our program every year.

Maine Adaptive’s core values include:

  • Participation in outdoor recreation fosters a sense of pride, confidence, and self-esteem that carries into our athletes’ everyday lives.
  • Reasonable risk taking empowers our athletes to challenge themselves, exceed expectations, and overcome perceived limitations and boundaries.
  • Program delivery in a supportive atmosphere creates a caring community and a fun experience for all.
  • Participants meet their sport & recreational goals regardless of ability to pay.