The Share the Plate recipient for May is Bomazeen Land Trust.

The Bomazeen Land Trust project is organized by Wabanaki people. Their primary purpose is the rematriation, perpetual protection, and healing of ancestral Wabanaki spaces with historical, spiritual, ecological, and cultural significance. They sponsor programs and events designed to empower Wabanaki and BIPOC communities with land access and traditional land care taking skills and knowledge. Additionally they work to provide education to the general public about Wabanaki studies, history, and ongoing issues.

Through education and collaboration with various organizations the Bomazeen Land Trust drives this rematriation and caretaking effort. Some of their projects include:

  • Cultural outreach and education
  • Traditional agricultural and gathering practices
  • Repatriation of ancestral objects and resting sites
  • Protection of sacred historic and spiritual sites
  • Protection of other-than-human relatives

Nominated by the Senior Youth Group.


To make an offering online, you can give via Breeze and choose “Give to Plate”.