Worship Committee

What We’re Doing Right

Some of us UUs are navel gazers, peering within to see what’s what with us, and sometimes finding fault. Are we too homogeneous? they worry. Or too individualistic? Privileged? Racist? We on the Worship Committee applaud these acts of self-examination and the chance they give … read more.

Religious Divisions

“Don’t talk about religion or politics,” they say, if you’re trying to keep things peaceful. Religious differences are among the most visible and bitter sources of conflict in our highly polarized society. Please join the Worship Committee as we look at this inflammatory — yet … read more.


Warm can mean so many things. Physical warmth, warm or spicy food or drinks, having warm feelings, warming up before exercise, and more. In this cold month of January, join the Worship Committee as we explore what warm means to us.

This will be a single … read more.


How do you spell “do-it-yourself-worship”? P-O-T-P-O-U-R-R-I. Of course, G-A-L-L-I-M-A-U-F-R-Y will also do, but POTPOURRI is our traditional name for the service our Worship Committee sponsors each year on the Sunday after Christmas.

This year it’s live, not just on ZOOM as it was last year. And … read more.

Cosmic Perspectives

The stars, the sun and the moon have fascinated people for a long time, but only recently have we been able to see where our planet and solar system fit in our galaxy and the universe. How does having this type of cosmic perspective impact … read more.

The Democratic Principle

The fifth principle of Unitarian Universalism states that we will affirm and promote “the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large”. With the election just two days away, we invite you to join us … read more.

How Do We Appreciate the Other?

In today’s highly polarized atmosphere, the word “other” has become a verb, something people do to people. It almost seems as if we’ve normalized the distrust and even hatred that come from seeing enemies in those we perceive to be different from ourselves. Instead of … read more.