Worship Committee

Fresh Courage, Everyday Courage

Are we all Cowardly Lions? We attribute courage to others, and mourn its absence in ourselves. We are awed by the helpers on the frontlines of pandemic. We applaud the heroes who rush into flaming buildings to save the entrapped. But we ignore our own … read more.

Springly Thoughts of Warmth and Mud

The poet e.e. cummings knew about spring. “sweet spring is your time is my time is our time for springtime is lovetime and viva sweet love,” he wrote. What cummings didn’t know was that springtime is also A2U2 Worship Committee time. Join us as we … read more.

Reflections on Reflections

Some say that mirrors are the windows to our souls.

Some say mirrors are keys to how we behave, and that when you see a behavior you find irritating to look within and see how you might be behaving similarly.

Some say mirrors are a gateway to … read more.

What Does It Mean?

Every Sunday we have a worship service, and we have a Worship Committee that sometimes leads those services. But for Unitarian Universalists, what does it mean to worship? What do words like prayer or sacred or even church mean to us? Join us to hear … read more.

Holiday Potpourri

We call it a “potpourri.” But we could call it “pot-pour-ye.” Into the pot of our hour together we pour what ye bring. This annual service is held on the Sunday after Christmas, the Sunday pointing toward the new year. Potpourri is an enjoyable and … read more.

Bystanders or Upstanders

We all witness bad things happening, at a distance and up close. Sometimes we say or do something and act as an upstander, but other times we’re bystanders. How do you decide which to be? Are there wrong times or ways to be an upstander? … read more.

“Getting to Know You” Moments

We don’t always know much about each other’s inner lives. Most of the time, we get a surface glimpse at best. But other times, we have moments when we learn something unexpected about someone, maybe a relative stranger or even a friend. When have you … read more.

Sing Up the Sun

Join us for a participatory service of song, ritual, and poetry to celebrate the coming transition from summer to autumn. No skill at singing is required, only willingness to add your voice to the tapestry of melody and gesture we weave together in sacred space.

Presented … read more.


“Universalists are often asked to tell where they stand. The only true answer to give to this question is that we do not stand at all; we move.” – Lewis Beals Fisher

What is it about quotes? Why can you find endless strings of them on … read more.

Climate Change

Climate change presents the greatest challenge the human species has ever faced. The unrestrained burning of fossil fuels during the past decades has unleashed a host of threats, and those most impacted will be the least responsible. Will those of us with more resources respond … read more.