Worship Committee

“Getting to Know You” Moments

We don’t always know much about each other’s inner lives. Most of the time, we get a surface glimpse at best. But other times, we have moments when we learn something unexpected about someone, maybe a relative stranger or even a friend. When have you … read more.

Sing Up the Sun

Join us for a participatory service of song, ritual, and poetry to celebrate the coming transition from summer to autumn. No skill at singing is required, only willingness to add your voice to the tapestry of melody and gesture we weave together in sacred space.

Presented … read more.


“Universalists are often asked to tell where they stand. The only true answer to give to this question is that we do not stand at all; we move.” – Lewis Beals Fisher

What is it about quotes? Why can you find endless strings of them on … read more.

Climate Change

Climate change presents the greatest challenge the human species has ever faced. The unrestrained burning of fossil fuels during the past decades has unleashed a host of threats, and those most impacted will be the least responsible. Will those of us with more resources respond … read more.


We celebrate the solar holiday of Lammas, also known as Lughnassadh. This is a grain harvest holiday and celebrates the first loaf of bread made from this year’s harvest. Join us for a service of praise and thanks for the regenerative power of Nature. Come celebrate … read more.

A Good Job

Many people find self worth and dignity tied, at least in part, to their work, but countless people in Maine, America and the world suffer from the indignity of not being able to support themselves or their families. Is there spirituality in work itself? Is … read more.

Strawberry Sunday

Join us for a silly and reverent hour appreciating the strawberry, and all she represents — the sweet juiciness of summer, the bounty of nature, the brilliance of her color, with strawberry sundaes for all after the service.

Presented by Worship Committee members.

Chocolate: Gift of the Gods and Goddesses

Celebrate World Chocolate Day at Allen Avenue. We’ll chew on chocolate-dipped topics like love, gifting and receiving, mystery, gods and goddesses, truffles and trifles, and fudge. We’ll sing to the cocoa bean. We’ll celebrate the chocolate kiss. And we’ll salute the day with a tasty … read more.

Celebrating Our Pet Companions

Our pets are such big parts of our lives. In return for a little love and some basic necessities they shower us with comfort, healing, laughter and more. Join us for a service all about these wonderful companions and everything they give us – including … read more.