Worship Committee


Trees are familiar to all of us, from the dawn redwood tree at church, to the trees in our yards, to Christmas trees, and more. Join the Worship Committee as we share thoughts about trees and what they mean in our lives.

The service will begin … read more.

New Beginnings

What do we mean when we talk about beginning again? As 2020 finally makes its exit, please join the Worship Committee as we look at the question through a
variety of lenses.

This service will be pre-recorded, and viewable on our YouTube channel. Or you can … read more.

Potpourri Service

Our first and possibly only virtual potpourri is our worship service for this Sunday. Various members and friends have contributed a fine and sometimes surprising mix of materials for your enjoyment and enlightenment. Join us for this wonderful way to help close out 2020 and … read more.

Winter Solstice Celebration

A2U2’s Winter Solstice Celebration will be virtual this year, mixing photos of celebrants and pageantry from previous years with fresh music and thoughts for 2020. The celebration is designed with three fulfilling parts – Past, Present, and Promise – each with enriching music, positive thought, … read more.


Diversity comes in many forms – beliefs, genders, backgrounds, ways of thinking, plant and animal species, and more. Join the Worship Committee for a look at types of diversity and how we feel about it.

This service is pre-recorded and available for viewing on our … read more.


Acceptance – what does it mean to you? In this service, A2U2’s Worship Committee members will explore their different takes on Acceptance. Please join us, and after the service you can share what Acceptance is to you.

This service will be pre-recorded and available later in the … read more.

Sustaining Community

When safety requires that we stay away from each other, and we’re getting used to seeing each other in little disembodied squares on a screen, how do we sustain the feeling of community? And what makes it worth doing? These are some of the questions … read more.

Fresh Courage, Everyday Courage

Are we all Cowardly Lions? We attribute courage to others, and mourn its absence in ourselves. We are awed by the helpers on the frontlines of pandemic. We applaud the heroes who rush into flaming buildings to save the entrapped. But we ignore our own … read more.

Springly Thoughts of Warmth and Mud

The poet e.e. cummings knew about spring. “sweet spring is your time is my time is our time for springtime is lovetime and viva sweet love,” he wrote. What cummings didn’t know was that springtime is also A2U2 Worship Committee time. Join us as we … read more.