Happy Pride Month

Happy Pride Month, A2U2!

I hope you’ve been enjoying these early summer days and long evenings as we begin to approach the solstice. June in Maine is a beautiful time.

I’m looking forward with excitement to a joyful Pride celebration in worship on Sunday with uplifting music and readings galore, and the debut of this year’s pride parade posters made by our children and youth (see image). We’ll reflect on the ways in which our lives are works of art and celebrate the particular art that is queer life and the blessings it brings to our community. Please don your pride gear or bright rainbow colors in celebration! 

I’ll share this again on Sunday for those who don’t receive this email, but in the spirit of celebrating queer life, I’d like to ask that you begin practicing using they/them pronouns in referring to me. My own queer identity has been in formation over time, as all our identities always are. Non-binary and gender-neutral pronouns have become my preference over time. I know it will be an adjustment for our community, but you can practice with one another and I’m happy to share resources for you to continue your education. Onward together! We got this!

I hope to see many of you at our Annual Meeting IN PERSON at A2U2 at 6:30pm tomorrow (Friday) We’ve been facing some major tech challenges these past few weeks and our tech team is doing everything they can to get them fixed. We acknowledge that no zoom option is a major accessibility issue and share in any frustration you might be feeling. Please reach out to Ann Packard if you need a ride and send our tech folks some good energy.

We are wrapping up an amazing church year, and we have so much to celebrate. Go dig out your rainbow attire, friends, and I’ll see you soon!

Joyfully and with pride,

Rev. Tara