To Be Remembered

Greetings, all –

I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous early summer weather and have had a chance to get outside this week!

As we approach Memorial Day weekend we begin to turn toward summer and there is much summer energy in the air. Yesterday I put my day on pause mid-afternoon and drove over to Kettle Cove to take a dip! A fully body plunge in the ocean… not typical for me to do in May. It was a practice in caring for my body and connecting with Earth amidst a busy season of reflecting and wrapping up. May you find such practices of pause and connection in the coming days, too.

I’m very much looking forward to our time together on Sunday and hope if you’re not traveling for the long weekend, you’ll join us in person or online. We’ll honor Memorial Day by reflecting on what it means to be remembered and how we might think about the concept of legacy. This, in some ways, is about death. About what our lives will mean after we are gone. But it’s also very much about LIFE… how are we living now? What are the strongest threads between our days as we change, transform, age? How do we prepare for the end so that we may live more fully now? What resources will we leave behind and how might our plan for those resources be a reflection of our deepest values?

I have some beautiful poetry to share with you, a conversation about heirloom seeds, and we’ll have stirring music. As always, it will be wonderful to be together in community.

Take a look at your ENews on Friday to stay in the loop – we have a lot going on at A2U2 in the coming weeks! And I look forward to seeing you soon.

With care,

Rev. Tara