Because Unitarian Universalists believe that all children are born blessed, rather than sinful, we conduct child dedications instead of baptisms.

During our ceremony of child dedication, we recognize the child by name, for it is by name that each of us is acknowledged as a unique and separate person. We consecrate the child with water, because all life has arisen from the waters of earth, and it is through water that all life is sustained and nourished.

By this ceremony, we also affirm that the community has a responsibility for the care and nurturing of every child, in order that they might grow and thrive and come into the fullness of their promise. A Child Dedication Ceremony is our way to officially welcome our children into our community and make a commitment as a church to their well-being and growth.

Usually, child dedications are held during a Sunday worship service so that the church community can pledge support. The ceremony can happen any time after the child’s birth.  Some parents do it while the child is an infant, and others do it when the child is older and can understand the ceremony.

If you would like your child to participate in a dedication ceremony, either as part of a group dedication or in a family celebration, please contact our minister, the Rev. Tara Humphries.