Here are several reasons why we participate in stewardship.

We Support What We Value

The more we communicate with each other, the more we learn from each other.

What is important is the Love we share with each other, and the emotions of Love we have for our so special Church.

As we all know, paying for the ministries, programs, education, music, social action and community that we all cherish is a shared responsibility in our UU denomination.

Remember the stewardship team is there to give us all the opportunity to support what we value and increasingly need to stay whole in today’s disturbing world.

We Act in the Face of Today’s Challenges

We are discovering new values as we call a new minister. With our new minister, may we have the vision and resources to build our future together.

We support the passing of meaningful values to our youth from generation to generation.

In these trying, confusing times for our country, we focus on our congregation’s unique missions:

  • A caring community to find solace and hope for the future
  • Sanctuary for people who are vulnerable.
  • A fellowship for action and a location for organizing.
  • Sustenance for justice workers.
  • Awareness raising

Please keep in mind our missions as you consider your Annual Pledge.

Click here to view the complete 2020 Stewardship Campaign Booklet.

Click here for a downloadable pledge form. After completing your form, please send it by US Mail to the church address (524 Allen Avenue, Portland ME 04103), or send by email to