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Message from the Stewardship Team


Every Sunday Rev. Tara ends service with the beautiful phrase: “Our worship has ended, and our service begins.” Her phrase recognizes the fluid boundary between our faith and society. We are asked to consider how our spiritual journey affects ourselves, our congregation, and our community.  We are called to examine how that week’s message can influence our perspective on life, the universe, and everything we do. This is important work and creating a thriving congregation depends upon your creative and financial support.

Our pledge drive has changed from prior years to simplify the pledging process. Each pledge unit (a single person, couple, or family) will receive a paper pledge form with three options: last year’s pledge plus an inflation adjustment; the same pledge as last year’s; or a different amount.  Inflation has affected the church’s expenses as it has in all aspects. If your finances allow it, we ask that you increase your pledge to help us keep up.  We know, of course, that some people are on fixed incomes and last year’s pledge is what is achievable.  We appreciate this. There is also the opportunity to pledge a different amount if you wish.  Perhaps you will decide that this is the year to increase your pledge to a new, higher level to reflect your commitment to our beloved community. We would like to make the pledge process as easy as possible.

Your pledge covers church operations for the period July 2024 through June 2025. We have fully recovered from COVID and are considering several upgrades this year: making the kitchen fully operational, deepening our support for religious education, and of course, supporting an extraordinary full time developmental minister (hurrah!).  While upgrades are important, your pledge will also support essential, but mundane, things such as heating and snowplowing.

Our Treasurer has estimated that we will need a program budget of $321,000 to cover all expenses for the next year. This booklet will provide more information about these anticipated expenses and why they are so important in allowing us to pursue the activities important to our community.  If you are new to A2U2 our booklet will also provide guidance about how much you could consider pledging.

Steve Hansen, chair
Terri Grover, Silvia Hansen, Peter Reed, David Wilcock