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What does it take to make a church run? We have a great staff who work hard to keep our building clean, our children educated, our administrative lives in order and our spirits soaring with music. We want to pay them fairly. We will be embarking on a journey to hire a contract or interim minister for next year, and then conducting a search for the highest qualified minister we can find. We need to heat and light our building and keep the grounds looking good. We need to pursue programming that speaks to our values of social justice, nurturing each other and our earth, and welcoming newcomers. But there is more…

As a beloved community, we have an even greater goal. We would like to have each and every member and friend make a pledge to support our congregation. Yes, we would love to see members increase their pledges if possible. But even a very small amount, if that is what fits into your budget, is precious. You matter. Each pledge, no matter its size, matters. Being present, after all, is why we are part of this church and each other. You can help us reach our goal of 100% participation in our 2022-23 campaign.  We invite you to make a pledge that is personally meaningful to you, a pledge that involves sacrifice and commitment. That matters.

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Moving Forward Together

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