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Whether you have been coming to the Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church for years or are relatively new, our community depends on you for its sustenance. We support one another as individuals, families, and community on our life journeys. Here at A2U2, we strive to provide an environment which celebrates life, stimulates creativity, and fosters spiritual and intellectual exploration.

Your beliefs and your commitment create our community. What happens here in the present and in the future depends on your creative gifts and your financial support.

Your pledge of financial commitment covers church operations for the period from July 2023 through June 2024. We are finally entering a post-COVID world. There will be greater demands placed on our staff and on our unique six-acre church grounds and buildings in these inflationary times. This re-emergence will present a challenge to the community that we are eager to meet.

Our Finance Committee and Treasurer have estimated that we will need a program budget of approximately $270,000 to cover staff salaries and necessary material costs for the coming church year. We are all delighted to be welcoming Reverend Tara Humphries for a second contract minister year, this time as a full-time minister. Please click on the booklet link above to get more information about these anticipated expenses and why they are so important to allowing A2U2 to reopen and allow members and friends to return to those activities that are most important to our community more fully.

Attending our Sunday services, whether led by Reverend Tara or members of our brilliant worship committee, offers us the chance to experience an inspirational mental lift that allows us to survive the ups and downs of daily life and the harsh echoes of our divisive political environment for many days. That sense of A2U2-inspired hope and optimism and being in a community we enjoy are what keep many of us coming back year after year and it is certainly worth the financial contribution that we pledge to the church every year.

Please join us in making a generous pledge to support our future as a healthy, thriving, beloved community!

Your Beliefs, Your Commitment, Our Community