Each week, we share one third of our offering with a local nonprofit to show our support for organizations whose work furthers the values expressed in our denomination’s Seven Principles.  We hope that Share the Plate will also bring a greater awareness to the community of Allen Avenue UU Church and Unitarian-Universalist values.

Share the Plate recipients for the 2020-21 church year are:

July – Youth and Family Outreach (nominated by Sonia Tonelli)
August – Furniture Friends (nominated by Sam Sherry)
September – Greater Portland Family Promise (annual contribution)
October – MUUSAN nominated by the Social Justice Committee (annual contribution)
November – Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation (nominated by Suzanne Federer and Judith Moll)
December – Minister’s Discretionary Fund
January – Portland Area Villages (nominated by Clay Atkinson)
February – The Ecology School in Saco (nominated by John Paynter)
March – Opportunity Alliance – (nominated by Elizabeth Oatley)
April – NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness (nominated by Katrina Van Brugh)
May – Ruth’s Reusable Resources (nominated by Susan Butler)
June – Hardy Girls Healthy Women (nominated by Barbara Murray)

Share the Plate recipients are selected by the Social Justice Committee from nominations submitted by members of the congregation, usually for nonprofits for which they volunteer or have some other connection. At the first Sunday service of each month, the person who nominated the selected organization for that month presents an overview of the organization and its work to the congregation.