Each week, we share one third of our offering with a local nonprofit to show our support for organizations whose work furthers the values expressed in our denomination’s Seven Principles.  We hope that Share the Plate will also bring a greater awareness to the community of Allen Avenue UU Church and Unitarian-Universalist values.

Share the Plate recipients for the 2022-23 church year:

July – Our Power (nominated by Delene Perley)
August – Portland Wheelers (nominated by Jim Mason)
September – Greater Portland Family Promise (annual contribution)
October – MUUSAN (annual contribution, nominated by the Social Justice Committee)
November – Preble Street (nominated by Caroline Marsden)
December – Minister’s Discretionary Fund (annual contribution)
January – Furniture Friends (nominated by Taryn Walker)
February – OUT Maine (nominated by Senior Youth Group)
March – Maine Association for New Americans (nominated by Julie Harrison)
April – Project FEED (nominated by Sue Malcolm)
May – Youth and Family Outreach (nominated by Sonia Tonelli)
June – Independent Seniors Network (nominated by Clay Atkinson)

Share the Plate recipients are selected by the Social Justice Committee from nominations submitted by members of the congregation, usually for nonprofits for which they volunteer or have some other connection. At each Sunday service, a brief overview of the month’s organization and its work is given to the congregation.


To make an offering online, you can give via Breeze and choose “Give to Plate”. Your offering will be shared with the organization for the current month.