Music is an important part of our worship experience at Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church, reflecting the spirit and energy of our church community. It includes anthems sung by our choir, hymns sung by the congregation, solo performances by our talented members and friends, and the wonderful jazz improvisations of our Music Director, Dale Churchill.

Our adult choir rehearses each Thursday evening from 7:30-9:00 and has a wonderful time doing so! Its members have a varying degree of experience, ranging from a love of singing to a formal musical education. Some of our members sing with other groups, such as the Choral Art Society and Women in Harmony. Music selections are eclectic, covering a large variety of genres, and are always fun to sing. The ability to read music is very helpful, but not absolutely necessary; the choir welcomes and encourages new members.

The musical talents of our members and friends add immeasurably to the diversity and richness of our worship services. If you would like to share yours, as a member of our choir, a soloist, or a member of a small ensemble, please contact our Music Director.