This year, all ages of the Religious Education Program for children and youth will be guided by the question: “What does it mean to be the Church of the Helping Hands?”

Through a visioning process in 2016-17, Social Action emerged as an important value to children, youth and families. In the Sanctuary most Sunday mornings, children join in a call and response affirmation, “We believe in helping others.” Our youngest children light the chalice with the words, “This is the church of the helping hands.” This year, we will search for the meaning of those words with inquiry and activities for all ages.

To investigate this question, we’ll think, ask, listen, learn, serve and get active. We’ll find out what it means to put faith in action. Expect activities and outings during and beyond Sunday mornings related to social action and community service throughout the church year. In this way, all ages will be able to share their gifts to realize our church’s mission to build a world of compassion, equality and freedom.

For more information contact Carolyn Barschow.