Responsibilities of Board Membership:

  • Attend and participate in regular and special Board meetings (Regular meetings are currently held on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30)
  • Represent the Congregation’s interests. Engage with other members of the congregation. Be familiar with the “workings” of the church.
  • Build relationships with Committee chairs and other key volunteers. Bring what you learn back to the Board.
  • Envision the future: Engage with each other and the congregation in an ongoing conversation “if we are a successful church, what will !it look like”
  • Uncover the dreams that fire up people, their stories. Let those dreams and stories inform your participation in the Board’s ongoing discussion about the future.
  • Make Policy: the Board’s job is to make policies and to delegate both the authority to carry them out and the accountability for results to the appropriate staff and volunteers