One of the Allen Avenue members who spoke at our Stewardship Sunday service this past weekend talked about the question all new members are asked:  why did you seek out and join this congregation? And he correctly pointed out that almost every person points out the need for connection.

In the world we live in—especially for the last two years, but even for decades before that—people have come to all kinds of congregations in order to make connections. We are, after all, social beings at heart.

Whether you are a blazing extravert or someone who finds the most energy during your alone hours, you need the company and caring of other people. And during the pandemic, when we were forced to be alone, this became all the more clear.

Allen Avenue offers SO many opportunities to connect with others.  We are now able (thank goodness!) to begin having our famous potluck suppers again, albeit on a smaller scale. There are SEGs (Spiritual Enrichment Groups) for small group gatherings, the Food Coop for people who eat, the Choir for those who sing, and Affinity groups like Men’s Group and Social Justice and Worship. The list goes on.

We truly care for each other. Read on to learn how some of our members have found connections.