There are many ways we are moving forward together:

We are a community made up of people who have been members of this congregation for a few months, a few years, and for some of us, more than a few decades.

What have we learned in all this time? That there are times of great joy and celebration, and also great challenge. In our country, in the world, and in our own beloved congregation, this year has certainly been a time of challenges. We have endured a second, and perhaps unexpected year of COVID restrictions that kept us from activities we all cherish. Those fun and delicious A2U2 potluck suppers. The Holiday Fair in all its iterations. Children’s story time, with those darling little ones gathered on a rug in the front of the sanctuary listening to a story.

It is a year when we have lost our settled minister mid-year, in a way that was difficult for all of us. So what will we do to cope?

Our Board has been meeting nonstop to help us to navigate the next steps. Our amazing Worship Committee will arrange thoughtful and meaningful services. We will contract with a wonderful (we just know it!) minister to carry us through to the next settled minister. We will care for each other. We will sing and hug (yes, we will!) and care for our building and grounds. We will retreat at Ferry Beach.

We will mourn our losses and celebrate our joys.