Rev. Donna Dolham

The Veil Between…

This Sunday the Rev. Donna Dolham will explore “the veil between us.”

This service will take place indoors in the sanctuary. Since attendance is limited at indoor services, pre-registration will be required. Registration details will follow later in the week.

The 11 AM service only will be streamed … read more.

Widening The Circle

As we celebrate our community highlighting our similarities and differences, hope flourishes, lessons are learned and insights found. Come join us as we ground ourselves in the practices of developing this kind of audacious hope for our community and world.

This will be an outside service … read more.

The Possibility of Thriving

What spiritual practices enhance the possibility of thriving? As we continue to create and re-create our way forward, the possibility of thriving offers us the freedom to live into what the New England Region of the UUA calls “Faithful Risking.” The New England Region of … read more.

To What Have We Promised Ourselves?

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal faith; what does this mean to Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church on this 200th year anniversary of the congregation? During your time preparing for our shared ministry, A2U2 voiced the intention of becoming “…a cross-generational, interconnected, larger and … read more.

Gathering Together

Please join us for Allen Avenue UU Church’s September 12th Sunday worship service at both 9am and 11am. As we celebrate our coming together, and renew our commitment to living our Unitarian Universalism in both our community and the world beyond. Weather permitting, we will gather … read more.

Whose Story Is It?

In the life of a nation, a community, or congregation we are invited to consider whose story we are creating together. As changes arrive like swift tides, we enter and re-enter this opportunity to intentionally create a story that holds the whole community. How are … read more.