Rev. Donna Dolham

Time of Healing

As we continue with our monthly worship theme of healing, we will explore the Jewish concepts Tikkun HaLev, Tikkun Olam (mending the heart, mending the world).

This service will be pre-recorded and available for viewing on our YouTube channel. Or you can use this … read more.

Through the Looking Glass

As we continue to move through this time, on the calendar and in the nation, we can be transformed as we free ourselves from constructs that hold us captive. Join us as we explore the process of freeing ourselves to engage in life … read more.

Safe Harbor

The way forward is not always clear, we plan, we vote, we wake to the day and we hope. Unitarian Universalism has been a safe harbor for those looking for a faith that welcomes and supports varying spiritual paths while covenanting to remain in community. … read more.

Carrying Out the Promise

As we prepare to engage in the responsibility of democracy, what are the ways we prepare our hearts and minds for the unknown outcome? What is the promise of our community and our faith that you are carrying out in your life? Join us as … read more.

Hearing the Call

Whose voices do you hear calling for justice in Portland, in New England and in the nation? How are you balancing your individual and family needs at this time of political unrest? Join us as we explore the importance of spiritual selfcare.

This service will be … read more.

Still Small Voice

Our individual and congregational lives have moments when we hear the still small voice calling us to joy, courage and commitment. At this time in your life, what is nudging you, inviting you into remembering, re-encountering or engaging in life? At this time in the … read more.

To What Do We Attend?

In our day to day, when the clamoring of life pulls our attention off center, how can our Unitarian Universalist faith offer guideposts of intentionality and love? The world needs us to shape our days with love, to live into our full selves with each … read more.

We Who Believe…

As these words of Ella’s Song remind us, believing in something; freedom, justice, and democracy, are essential to our world community. The Black Lives Matter sign hangs still on the entrance of Allen Avenue UU Church’s building. Although we are not currently physically moving through this physical … read more.

A Companioned Journey

What does it mean to be a covenantal community on a journey together? Unitarian Universalism invites us to live our way into covenant through our choices and actions. Join us this Sunday as we explore what it means to be together as we imagine our … read more.