An Exciting Year Ahead

Dear friends,

I hope your week is going well! It has been a busy one in church-land. Your Board had the annual retreat this past weekend and spent many hours connecting with one another, dreaming, problem-solving, and planning for this coming church year and beyond. It’s a thoughtful group who cares deeply about A2U2. I couldn’t ask for more.

I spent all of Tuesday in Concord, NH, for a workshop with theologian and scholar Carter Heyward, author of The Seven Deadly Sins of White Christian Nationalism: A Call to Action. A number of you tuned into the evening panel via livestream. I look forward to hearing what you thought! I spent a few hours in the afternoon diving deep with others into the topic of “capitalistic spirituality” which was marvelously fascinating. There were a bunch of Christians from progressive denominations like the UCC and Episcopal Church, and a strong contingent of UUs as well!

UU Minister group with Carter Heyward  Left to right: Revs. Shayna Appel (Milford, NH), Lyn Marshall (Concord, NH), Allison Palm (Nashua, NH), (Carter center), Tara (A2U2), Laura Solomon (Reading, MA), Karen Johnston (Burlington, VT). 

The day was a reminder of all in this country we justice lovers are up against… the harsh reality that is life and politics in the United States… and the perseverance it takes to engage with this world in the way our faith calls us to. Rev. Dr. Heyward is 78 years old… and there she was, a theological giant, standing at the microphone sharing about recent justice projects dealing with gun legislation, racism, and more. Still publishing books. What an inspiration!

I have many ideas to chew on that I’m sure will make their way into my preaching this year. And a long to-do list coming away from the Board retreat. Good stuff! I will probably say this often until we gather on September 10th for Ingathering – I really am excited for this year of shared ministry. The world needs the ministry we have to offer. We need the ministry our church has to offer. Start thinking about what you carry with you into community this year. Find some water to symbolize your offering. And save it for our ritual on September 10th!

I hope to see you soon.

Warmly, Rev. Tara