An Update on Our Covenant Process!

What happened to the covenant process we started this fall, you might be wondering? We are chugging along, steadily and faithfully! This last month of work has been more behind-the-scenes. And we’ll get back to some more conversations in January after the holiday chaos subsides.
What we’ve done so far:
– October 1st: all-church workshop with Rev. Erica Baron
– Mid October: compiled notes and data from workshop
– October 25th: shared the compiled notes and emerging themes with the congregation via email (link to notes here: Covenant Notes)
– Mid-to-late November: A2U2 members sent stories via email to Erica Baron sharing past experiences with covenant at A2U2
– Early December: Rev. Tara & Erica met to discuss next steps for January.
We are right where we need to be! In January we’ll return to covenant conversations and dive a little more deeply into some of the themes that arose through our workshops and the emails you send Erica.
Thank you for engaging in this important work for our congregation!
Rev. Tara & the A2U2 Board