Beginning Anew

September blessings to you, A2U2!

We had a glorious taste of fall before the hot weather returned. But I put on my blue jeans and clogs, relishing those two cool and dry days, even if temporary.

This Sunday is our much-anticipated reunion and beginning of the church program year! We’ll celebrate Ingathering Sunday with an all-ages worship service including the UU water communion ritual. Please bring with you a small container of water that symbolizes what you bring to our church community this year. It can be from somewhere special to you, or from the water bottle you found in your car as you pull into the parking lot on Sunday morning. If you forget, of course, we’ve got you covered.

There is much to look forward to this fall at A2U2. October 1st is our All-Church Covenant Workshop (RSVP here). We’ll have a 6-week Spiritual Enrichment Group offered by our SEG coordinators, Sunday morning RE for children and youth, a picnic at Ferry Beach, a return of the choir on 9/17, and more! Please keep an eye out for the Friday ENews which will have all the info you need.

I can’t wait to see each of you on Sunday. Bring your water, your family, and maybe even a friend! If you want to schedule a time to sit down together and connect as we begin another year, please do so here. I hope you know… you are the best part of my job!

Let’s begin anew. With joy. Together!

In faith,

Rev. Tara