A2U2 Community,

October is on its way! What a gift to join with you in worship once again this past Sunday and dive right into an exploration of what it means to be a covenantal faith. I had some fantastic conversations with people after worship. Thank you for trusting me enough to join in on this grand adventure. If anybody is interested in borrowing a copy of the Widening the Circle of Concern UUA report I was referencing, please send me an email! We have a few loaner copies that live in my office. 

For this week’s note, I wanted to share again the Affirmation of Beginning that we spoke aloud in our service. As I said, our relationships are held up by a complex web of promises that are really quite astounding. May these promises add to and strengthen our collective web. 

Board President:  Rev. Tara, we welcome you as our partner in ministry at this threshold of our journey together.  We will use our hands and hearts, our vision and voices, to help and not to harm this beloved community through this time of transition.

Rev. Tara:  I too will use my hands and heart, my vision and voice, to help and not to harm your beloved community through this time of transition.

Board President:   Congregation, will you share your portions of truth with Rev. Tara, and will you listen deeply to what she says, that we may grow in understanding?

Congregation: We will. 

Rev. Tara:    I too will share my portions of truth with you, and will listen deeply to what you say, that I may grow in understanding.

Board President:   Will you dare to disagree agreeably with Rev. Tara, to dream what we may become, and to venture down some untried paths as we make ready for that which is to come?

Congregation: We will. 

Rev. Tara:   I will dare to speak hard truths to you as best I can discern them, to hold up a mirror so you can see your past and present clearly, and to make some empty space here for the new to enter in.

In this brief and precious time – May we be a blessing to each other, and may we be a blessing to the world.

In faith, Rev. Tara