Cultivating a Healthy Relationship With the Earth

Greetings, Church

To start… a big thank you to those of you who planned last weekend’s fabulous Ferry Beach retreat! I had a wonderful time connecting with people and relaxing in a rocker on the porch on Saturday. I know putting an event like that together takes many hands and much planning. Unstructured time together in community is holy ground… that’s for sure.

Those of us who attended worship at A2U2 on Sunday had a lovely time, too. If you didn’t catch the service on The Laziness Liegive the recording a listen!

This week in service we’ll turn our attention to the natural world and explore the ways in which cultivating a healthy relationship WITH the Earth is critical to shifting the way we humans think about our place in the interdependent web. I hope you’ll join us!

Another upcoming event I want to flag is the first A2U2 Queer Community Conversations at church (and on Zoom) on Saturday, May 18th at 6:30pm. I hope anybody with an identity under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella (or who is questioning) will join us for an evening of storytelling and community building. FMI contact John Howard or Judith Beckett, or check out the posters on the church bulletin boards.

There are a million other things going on, too, in this beloved and busy community. So make sure to read your Friday ENews so you don’t miss anything! Until Sunday…

With a grateful heart,

Rev. Tara