Easter Flowers

Blessings to you today, A2U2!

It is a blessed week, indeed. We find ourselves at the intersection of a number of holy days. Muslims are approaching the end of Ramadan; Jews began their celebration of Passover (Pesach) at sundown yesterday. And for Christians, today is Maundy Thursday–when Jesus gathered with his disciples for Passover, a meal that became known as “The Last Supper”.
There are many stories and much energy out there this time of year. Buds are bursting through the soil making their way toward the light. I hope you are being gentle with yourselves this week and tending to the parts of you that remain in the dark, that have not yet met the resurrecting love of this season.

As many of you know, I will be at Florence House this morning with other local clergy participating in the traditional ritual of foot washing. So many of you donated new, white socks which I will bring with me to give away to the guests. A simple offering of dignity and comfort. Thank you!

I look forward to celebrating Easter with you on Sunday. Don’t forget about Easter Flowers!!!

You are invited to bring flowers to decorate the front of the sanctuary to honor and celebrate the life of a loved one. If you plan to bring flowers, please send me an email by 9pm on Saturday with the name of who they’re in celebration of (someone you’ve lost OR someone still living!). That way I can make sure to lift up their names in the Pastoral Prayer. You can drop your flowers off on the Joys and Sorrows table before worship. We’ll celebrate this season of new life with beauty and the memories of lives well lived.

Peace to you, friends, until I see you.

In faith,

Rev. Tara