Ever Changing

Dear friends,

We are a week into Daylight Savings time and two days out from Election Day. What a wild week! Whether you love the long, dark nights or wait with terror for seasonal depression to creep in… whether you’re celebrating election results or frustrated by the whole system… whether this note finds you well and calm or a total hot mess… I can assure you that you are not alone. This is one strange, challenging, beautiful world we live in. And I am grateful to be your companion on this leg of life’s journey.

I look forward to leading you in worship on Sunday morning. We’ll reflect together on the relationships in our lives and what the ocean and the tides have to teach us about their ever changing, ever transforming nature. We’ll sing, reflect, connect, and light candles. I hope you’ll join us! We need one another, now more than ever.

As fall marches on, the days grow shorter, and we get closer to the holidays, I want to invite you to keep your eyes and ears open for people in our community and in your life who might be lonely or struggling. This time of year can be hard for so many. Send a card, drop off soup, introduce yourself to somebody new at coffee hour or bring somebody into your conversation. It can make the world of a difference. If that person is you, don’t go it alone! Reach out to a church member, a friend, or to me. That’s what community is for.

In the words of Octavia Butler (which you’ll hear again on Sunday) –
“All that you touch, you change.
All that you change, changes you.”
May we and our world be changed for the better.

In faith,

Rev. Tara