Exploring Stories and Facts

Dear members and friends, 

I was thrilled to be back in worship with you on Sunday after a few weekends away. We lifted up the beauty and sacredness of the dark, and grappled with how we navigate the dark/light imagery of ancient and modern stories this time of year given the racial climate of our country. Complicated stuff! And worthy of our exploration. 

This Sunday, at sundown, marks the first night of Hanukkah. Jews across the world will light their menorahs and say the blessing over the Hanukkah candles. Rev. Laura, my partner, is a Jewish UU minister and serves at the UU Church in Reading, MA. She’ll be leading a short all ages Zoom gathering at 7pm on Sunday evening to light the menorah and say the blessings. I’ll be there along with some members of UUCR. YOU are invited to join us! Those of you who celebrate Hanukkah are welcome, as are those who are curious to experience this ritual. 

We’ll reflect this week in worship on the Hanukkah and Christmas stories and how we approach them as Unitarian Universalists from diverse theological backgrounds. Many UUs don’t necessarily believe in the stories, yet we tell them every year and celebrate them with joy. 

What does it mean for a story to be TRUE, regardless of whether or not it happened? 

How can releasing our need for facts sometimes open the door to deeper meaning? 

Join us on Sunday, 10am and/or 7pm, and we’ll explore these questions together. 

Until then, may the blessings of this strange and holy season wrap around you. 

In faith, 

Rev. Tara