The Knitting Ministry meets the 4th Monday of the month, at 2:30 PM in the Memorial Room. Newcomers are always welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Knitting Ministry:

1. What IS the Knitting Ministry? It’s a group that meets to knit prayer/comfort shawls and lap blankets for A2U2 Members and friends. They also knit warm items that are given to organizations serving people in need.

2. Why are they called “prayer” shawls? Because they hold our “prayers” of positive energy for the person who receives a shawl.

3. So who receives a shawl? They’re given to members of the A2U2 community who are grieving the loss of a close family member, or are seriously ill or injured. Since the group began in June 2015 we’ve given 90 shawls.

4. Who decides who gets a shawl? This is done by the group in consultation with the Minister.

5. Do shawls make a difference? YES! Recipients say things like “when I go for chemo I take my shawl and feel that I am not alone.” Another comment “thank you for the beautiful shawl. It is a reminder of the comfort and support that A2U2 has given me.” And a recent recipient of a Shared Shawl commented how much she loved her shawl, and it gave her needed support when recovering from surgery.

IF YOU’RE A KNITTER we’d love to have you join our group. For more information contact Suzanne Federer (781-2678) or Sue V Malcolm.