The Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Men’s Group is an open and supportive community of UU men, who share experiences, insights and good times as part of self-discovery and growth.

We have breakfast and community every second Saturday of the month, 8:00 to 10:00 AM at church. Besides good food and conversation, we have a check-in and join in a program led by a member or guest. We also get together for other activities. Come visit us — it’s a great way to make new friends!

Men’s Group members volunteer to lead discussions on a whole range of topics suggested by the group.  In past discussions we have considered…

… our experiences raising our children,

… building new friendships with other men,

… what this community means to us,

… how to reduce our fears of the unknown to be able to make changes,

… our dreams beyond parenting, work, and church,

… how to leave a legacy,

… being a better parent,

… what to do when our present successes no longer provide meaning and satisfaction,

… how to transition to retired life,

… and many more.

For more information contact Tim Vogel.