Holy Days

Blessings to you, A2U2 community!

What an eventful spring-in-Maine weekend we just had. I hope you all fared OK without power. And a big shoutout to those involved in the get-the-word out about canceling service on Sunday as well as those who checked on the building, pump batteries, etc, to prevent flooding. Thank you!!!

I traveled South last weekend with stops in Connecticut and Delaware and led worship on Sunday at the UU Congregation of Southern Delaware. I always enjoy visiting other UU churches to see how they do things. UUSD sends their greetings to you! I also love coming home and returning to my own community, so I’m looking forward to being with you on Sunday.

This time of year is chock-full of holidays and holy days. Last weekend marked the Jewish celebration of Purim; Muslims are mid-way through the holy month of Ramadan; and just having passed Palm Sunday, Christians find themselves amidst Holy Week.

As you are well aware by now, the Christian sacred story is one I find inspiring and life-giving, and the journey through Holy Week is a big part of why. After a few years of radical social justice ministry, Jesus returns to Jerusalem for Passover as a counter-protest to Pontius Pilate’s Roman cavalry brigade. The beginning of this weeklong journey.

He knows those in power have it out for him – his ministry is seen as a threat. On Thursday, he celebrates his last meal with his beloved friends, the disciples. And one of them betrays him. On Friday, he is killed. Empire, hatred, and power seem to triumph and end the life of a person so deeply committed to liberation and healing. Saturday is grief, mourning. And on Sunday, resurrection. Mystery. Miracle. Where life turns out to have the final word… not hatred, and not death. Love rises.

Regardless of how you feel about Jesus or what you “believe” (which as you know is a topic I don’t find particularly interesting) … it’s said that you can see the full range of experiences and emotions reflected in the span of this week. I find that fascinating and relatable.

One of the roles that the sacred stories of religion play in our lives is to help us make sense of mystery. The unknown. This Easter Sunday, Emily and I will lead an all-ages service exploring “The Holy Unknown” and reflect through story and interactive elements on what gifts the mysteries and miracles of the unknown carry within. We hope you will join us!

And all are invited to bring Easter flowers in memory or celebration of a loved one (living or who has passed) which will be displayed in front of the sanctuary during worship. Please send me an email ahead of time with the name of your loved one so I can include them in the pastoral prayer. You may drop off your flowers on the Joys & Sorrows table before service. 

This year’s Easter service will be Jesus-lite. So, if you’re yearning for a deeper dive into the Holy Week story, consider joining me tomorrow, Friday 3/29, for a trip to Hope GateWay Church on Woodfords Street to walk and reflect on the Good Friday Stations. We’ll meet in the A2U2 parking lot at 1pm and carpool over together. Send me an email by Friday at 12:30 if you plan to join! 

Whatever stories you are finding meaning in these days… whatever mysteries and unknowns you are living in and grappling with… know that there is space for you in the theological expansiveness of our Unitarian Universalist faith. These holidays bring up many questions, memories, and sometimes much confusion. We may not have answers to your questions, but you sure will be in good company. See you in church, dear ones.

In faith,

Rev. Tara