Picking Up Life’s Pieces

Greetings, all.

I hope this note finds you well and enjoying the turn towards fall! Live at A2U2 is back in full swing. We are worshiping together in person and online. Our Religious Education program is underway and OWL begins soon. Groups are meeting on zoom, in the sanctuary, and outdoors. The Board is working hard on their goals and priorities. The choir is singing. The tech people are tech-ing. And so much more. What a gift to witness. 

As I shared with you last week, my brother got married on Sunday. It was a Jewish ceremony, and I enjoyed learning more about the various traditions and rituals. There was the signing of the Ketubah, the Chuppah, the Kiddush, the Sheva Brachot, and finally, the breaking of the glass. I’d previously understood this final ritual as a way to honor the past tragedies we carry with us even in the happiest moments and to remember the frailty of our human condition. But the Rabbi offered another take on the ritual I’d never heard before. She explained it as a prayer and a hope that their love of one another lasts for as long as it takes to pick up all the pieces and put the glass back together again (an impossible task). In other words, a prayer that love for one another is eternal. 

This is a powerful image. And regardless of how we feel about marriage, there is a lesson for us here on what it means to commit to Love. 

Brokenness… many separate parts reuniting and joining… building… patience… sharp edges… teamwork. A task that will not be accomplished in our lifetime… But that is worthy of our efforts. Because of love. 

In many ways, married or not, that’s what we’re all doing … isn’t it? Picking up life’s pieces, one at a time. Mending what is broken. Assuring that the power of love is among us. That we do our part, carry our flame, hoping and praying and trusting that its light is eternal. 

It’s good, hard, holy business, this work of loving. Isn’t it? 

I’m grateful to be in good company amidst the glass. 

Thinking of you and holding you close. See you on Sunday!

In faith, 

Rev. Tara