Web of June: Flowers and More

June 19 is a day with many special purposes and meanings for many special people, like all who step through our physical and virtual doors. Join us as the Worship Committee weaves four prominent elements into a single web of worship, a Web of June. … read more.

Mysterium Tremendum

The realities of COVID, war affecting all world nations, and recent realities around human rights, stir us all to consider what spiritual expression sustains us through the realities of life. This sermon will focus on re-visiting our personal theology during this time.

Rev. Al Boyce began ministry in 1973 … read more.

Faith Like A River

Join us for Faith Like a River, a service about the soul of faith development, led by Emily C. Jones, Director of Religious Education. Featuring original poetry, spoken word, and photos and videos from the RE program, this multigenerational service also includes a time of … read more.

A Spire

When one walks towards the church, your eyes might be drawn to the dawn redwood. But look to the left and there is another lofty ornament that draws the eyes to the sky. How do we see it and how would we decorate it to … read more.

Worthy Now

The Worthy Now ministry, powered by the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF), is a prison ministry network. Worthy Now invites people on both sides of prison walls into beloved community. This service explores that ministry, with some words from incarcerated UUs and those who’ve … read more.

Animal Blessing Ceremony

Join us for a multigenerational Animal Blessings worship service led by Emily C. Jones, Director of Religious Education.  Worship will be a reflective experience in 3 parts — Celebration, Memory, and Blessings. Interactive throughout, participation is encouraged, but not necessary. (This single service will not … read more.

Religious Diversity in America: Why It Matters

This service is an exploration of the dilemma of America’s religious and cultural diversity. Note that Robert’s parts of this service are pre-recorded, but the service will be in-person with some live elements.

Dr. Robert R.N. Ross (Ph.D Harvard; STB Harvard; BA Amherst College) is a … read more.

Between a Rock and a Holy Place

One of the hardest and most essential tasks of any community is weathering change. But it is not just a challenge; there is a sacredness to this time as well. We will explore through scripture and our UU principles what change can teach us and … read more.

Gifting Service

These are tough times, even with spring coming on. War . . . Virus . . .  But let’s not count our woes. Let’s think instead of what we might give each other to help us move together through and beyond our troubles. “What Gift … read more.