How do you spell “do-it-yourself-worship”? P-O-T-P-O-U-R-R-I. Of course, G-A-L-L-I-M-A-U-F-R-Y will also do, but POTPOURRI is our traditional name for the service our Worship Committee sponsors each year on the Sunday after Christmas.

This year it’s live, not just on ZOOM as it was last year. And this year it’s on New Year’s Day, giving us a natural theme (that you are free to ignore if you like).

But what is the POTPOURRI? It’s an enjoyable and meaningful hour when members of the congregation are asked to build a service around a framework provided by the Worship Committee and Dale Churchill. Join us in person or by ZOOM (Zoom link here), and bring whatever you wish to share – a poem, music, something you have written, or something you have found. Or just come and enjoy what others offer – probably a wonderful mix.

Our guidelines for participants: honoring UU and church values, respecting the spirit of worship, and accepting a three-minute limit. Advance sign-up is not necessary. No RE program is planned for this Sunday, but childcare will be available.

You can download the Order of Service here.

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