Star Words

Dear A2U2,

How wonderful to be together on Sunday burying the seeds of our intentions in the dirt and reflecting on the coming of spring. This week we’ll travel back in time and celebrate Epiphany a month late! I rescheduled the service from our snow day in early January. So, though the magi have long since arrived at the manger after a lengthy journey following the star, we will be receiving our “Star Words” and thinking about what it is in this life that guides us and helps us to navigate the choppy waters of our days. What is your holy GPS?

The first UUA Common Read discussion is happening in the Art Play room after church, hosted by the Social Justice Committee! I hope you’ll join us. This year’s read – On Repentance and Repair by Rabbi Danya Ruttenburg – is a powerful one and also very connected to the covenant and relationship work we’re undertaking as a community.

I hope if you haven’t already, you’ll consider attending one of our covenant listening circles this week! The in-person option is Sunday after worship in the Board Room, led by Steve Hansen. And the Zoom option is on Monday evening led by Ann Packard (link on Breeze). Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal faith – relational work is what we do. These conversations are vital as we work to move into our shared future with strong and healthy relationships with one another that reflect our values and commitments.

A reminder, too, that there will be an opportunity to gather and reflect for those who would benefit from healing conversation regarding Rev. Donna’s departure in 2022 once I decide on the best format for that. If you’d like to be part of such conversation, please email me so I can add you to my list!

Much love to you, dear congregation, as you navigate all that you carry these February days. If I can be a listening ear for you, remember that YOU are the best part of my job. I always love hearing from you and spending time one-on-one. Feel free to make an appointment to come and talk.

In faith,

Rev. Tara