Striving for Simplicity

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you well on a rainy spring-like Thursday. Mud season in Maine is upon us!

As some of you know already, I spent a chunk of the last week moving and settling into my new long-term home in Portland. This has invited me into the spiritual practice of dealing with STUFF. Furniture. Boxes. So. Many. Books.

The apartment I chose to be my new home is very small. This was a purposeful decision. I want to practice simplicity in my life… and I’m hoping to feel a bit less controlled and encumbered by my belongings. If you’ve ever been in my office at A2U2 (if you haven’t, please come by sometime!) you will understand… I do love to be surrounded by beautiful things! Most surfaces are covered. Because of course, the physical objects we own are often infused with meaning and memories. With each box comes emotional baggage to sort through, too.

I have gained much wisdom from spending time in community with elders moving from houses to condos, apartments, and assisted living arrangements. I have watched some of you go through this process of letting go and been blessed to hear your reflections on what that has meant to you. You are my inspiration… and I am grateful!

The photo above is one of our children’s hands holding the prayer beads they made in RE last week. Hope! Letting go and creating space for a new chapter is profoundly hopeful. Are you in need of a little hope? Perhaps it’s time for some spring cleaning… and maybe giving something away to someone who needs it more than you do.

Speaking of giving things away, on Sunday our Social Justice Committee will be collecting food for Project Feed. Please go through your cabinets or stop by the store and bring something to share! There will be a list of specific needed items in the EBlast (white rice, corn flakes, evaporated milk, spaghetti, individually wrapped toilet paper, maxi pads, dish detergent, and shampoo to name a few!).

I’ll be in the pulpit on Sunday, but in a funny way YOU have created the service content! I’ll be preaching back to you the results of our February Listening Circles and we’ll reflect together on the maybe impossible?!? but so-worthy-of-our-time-and-effort work of being a beloved community. I can’t wait.

Until then, my friends, take good care.

See you in church,

Rev. Tara