Emily O’Neill

At Allen Avenue UU Church I’ve felt such acceptance for myself and my children since day one. A frequent refrain in services is that the noises and wiggles of the youngest members are the sign of a healthy church. I’ve been able to relax at … read more.

Barbara Freeman

When Jerry and I visited A2U2 over 20 years ago we were looking for community.  From our first Sunday here, we knew A2U2 could become the answer to our search. Who can resist a place where you feel needed and valued for who you really … read more.

Dave Juers

Why am I a member of Allen Avenue UU Church?  It can best be summarized in two words: community and beliefs.   I have been part of various church communities all of my life.  As my religious beliefs changed I had trouble getting up each Sunday … read more.

Sam Sherry

At Allen Avenue UU Church we have the opportunity to find out what matters most to each of us in response to life’s deepest questions and then to act on those beliefs. There’s no reason to do that alone; it’s so much more fun with … read more.

Sue Butler

At Allen Avenue UU Church I found a community of like-minded people without the religious dogma that drove me away from the church of my youth.


Connie Cross

Allen Avenue UU Church is a loving, supportive community that gives us wings to fly and explore our own spirituality in order to become the people we truly want to be.


Trudy McNulty

What I found at Allen Avenue UU Church is a community that accepts me for who I am and what I believe, yet has people with different beliefs I can learn from; there is no pressure to believe a specific creed.