The Role of Doubt in Our Lives

Greetings all,

I hope the week is treating you well! I missed you on Sunday as I always do when I’m out of the pulpit. But I also cherish my weekends off, because it’s an opportunity to worship from the pew instead of behind the pulpit. I attended the Ash Wednesday service at Hope Gateway Church last week as well as the Sunday service over at First Parish. It’s refreshing to see how others do worship and … I always feel excited to return.

This week in church we’ll be reflecting on the role of doubt in our Unitarian Universalist tradition and in our own lives of faith. For many UUs, it plays a big role! Has your relationship to faith and doubt changed over the years? Do you see doubt as contradictory to faith, or part of it? I look forward to exploring these questions, and more, together. As a warmup, give a listen to Nickel Creek’s  “Doubting Thomas”.  You’ll hear a bit about him on Sunday, too.

After church we’ll hold our final new member class, New to A2U2. And later in the afternoon, our Common Read group will meet to discuss On Repentance and Repair. Feel free to join us! And make sure to read your Friday ENews… there’s a whole lot happening in our beloved community.

One final reminder… please feel free to schedule time to meet with me if you’re carrying a heavy load. I’d love to be a support to you however I can. You are why I am here.

Until Sunday…

Rev. Tara