Thoughts on Liminality

Labor Day weekend is upon us. Can you believe it? 

Summer is wrapping up and fall is on its way. Which leaves us in that strange space of seasonal liminality. I’ve always thought of late August and early September as its own season – Late Summer. It has its own qualities… a certain light, a certain spirit, a gratitude and a longing. Late Summer is, for me, a liminal season. We see the end to a warm, dry summer and welcome the unknowns and excitement of September. New beginnings are on the horizon, but it’s not quite time to begin yet. So here we hang, in this space between old and new, comfort and change, summer and fall. 

Liminality, in-betweenness, can bring discomfort and make us squirm. Yet it’s a vital place for our spiritual formation. Here we have a chance to pause. To turn inward in moments of discomfort or impatience or anxiety or excitement, and notice what is moving in your heart. And notice how you’ve changed. Who are you today? What have you learned? How have you grown? Where do you see God, Love, Spirit moving in your life and in the world? 

Lean into this time, if you can. Love holds us tight, even here. Even now. 

If I can be of support to you in this season, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love to hear from you. You are, after all, why I am here! My email is Until we meet, be well. 

In faith, Rev. Tara