What PRIDE Means to You

Happy June, A2U2!

With June comes LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and warmer weather. The days are long and we are approaching the summer solstice. Church is in full speed ahead towards Annual Meeting, a New Member Ceremony, Flower Communion, and Bridging for our Senior Youth! Much to look forward to.

I’ll be out again this Sunday, but you’ll be in great hands! Ursa Sylvest, a UU Pagan lay minister, will preach virtually via Zoom. And the rest of the service parts will be led by our A2U2 Pagan Group from the sanctuary. It will be a truly HYBRID service. And, as I learned today, it will coincide with the Strawberry Moon! Most auspicious. If you fill your spiritual cup through being in the natural world and celebrating the sacredness of our Earth, this Sunday is definitely for you!

As we enter this month of Pride, I invite you to consider what Pride means for you. For my fellow queer, lesbian, gay, trans, and nonbinary folks – how does PRIDE show up in your life? What makes you feel cherished and celebrated… what reminds you of your resiliency and your tenderness? For our straight and cisgender allies and accomplices … how do you celebrate the queer folks in your life who you love? How might you express your pride in who they are? How has this movement shaped you and inspired you even if it’s not your own?

I invite you all to watch this incredible video reading of Prayer for the Queer Kids, written by a colleague and dear friend of mine: Prayer for the Queer Kids – YouTube . It will fill your heart!

Much love to each of you. Stay soft.

With pride,

Rev. Tara