When My Heart Is Broken

Members and friends,

Greetings to you this cool, fall Thursday.

I’m looking forward to being together on Sunday morning.

I continue to watch the news in the Middle East unfold and my heart breaks open wider. The ripples of violence are making their way out across the world – a Muslim child stabbed by a white supremacist in Chicago, a firebomb attack at a Berlin synagogue…

When my heart is broken, I yearn to be in community singing, lighting candles, and bearing witness to the hearts of others. So I hope you will come and be with us for worship this week whether at A2U2 or on Zoom. We’ll be reflecting together on harm and healing… the repair work we have control over in our own lives even when so much is broken. How we get back in balance with ourselves, each other, and the Divine. It will be good to gather.

I also want to share with you that I will be taking a planned two-week medical leave beginning on Thursday, November 9th. I’ll be back for the Thanksgiving Day Community Care Zoom Call on Nov. 23 and back in the office after Thanksgiving. I assure you that I am OK and that there’s no need for you to worry about me.  If you’d like to make sure we connect for a conversion before 11/9, please make sure to sign up for a slot on my calendar. I’d love to see you.

May your days and nights be blessed.

In peace,
Rev. Tara