Winter Blessings to You!

A2U2 Members and friends,

Winter blessings to you! We have turned the corner and the days are lengthening. Winter has arrived. Our A2U2 Pagan group led a beautiful Winter Solstice service last night at church. Candles, song, silence, fire. To all those involved- THANK YOU!

Beforehand, I joined members of the Portland community for the annual Homeless Persons’ Memorial Vigil in Monument Square to honor the lives of the homeless members of our community we lost this year. To gather and light candles in community–whether in the warmth of a sanctuary with old friends, on Zoom with a story and Hebrew blessings, or in the bitter cold downtown with unknown neighbors–is a sacred thing. Let us sink into the holy dark of this time of year and, simultaneously, tend with loving care our own inner lights. We have much love to spread in the new year to come. And all of us need all of us to make it!

On Saturday we’ll gather again, in the sanctuary and on Zoom, to tell the story of Mary and Joseph’s epic journey and sing songs that so many know by heart. (We anticipate a full sanctuary and highly encourage you to bring a mask.) There will be a new participatory element for the youngest among us led by our dear Emily, so prepare yourself for a fun and creative service addition!

And, finally, we’ll convene again Sunday morning on Zoom at 10 o’clock for pajamas and poetry! Log on in your comfiest PJs and bring a favorite poem or reading to share if you’d like. I’ll have a few in my back pocket in case you forget. We’ll light more candles and usher in Christmastide with inspiring words.

In these final days of 2022, this is my prayer for us all:

May we keep it simple. And stay loving. 

May all know peace, comfort, and joy. 

And may we keep our gaze set on what matters most, 

as if it were our North Star. 

With much love,

Rev. Tara