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Out of the Stars We Have Come

The New Science tells us that our origins are in the stars …that all life arises out of the first supernovas … in what has been called “a sacrificial moment on a cosmic scale”. What does that make us? This service will explore that fact and ponder the different answers to that question.

Beth Fitzgerald is a long-time member of A2U2 and considers herself a “Religious Naturalist”. She has been exploring the New Cosmology since being introduced to it in 1989 through the work of cosmologist Brian Swimme, and it is the basis for her deep trust in the direction of evolution.

What people are saying

On the wall of our sanctuary there’s a statement that says ‘we celebrate diversity, encourage spiritual growth, and promote social responsibility’ and that’s really why I’m here. The message of Unitarian-Universalism is also about equality and freedom, the dignity of every human being, all things that can sound like clichés – but they really have some meaning in this church.  
Leo Barrington