Out of the Stars We Have Come

The New Science tells us that our origins are in the stars …that all life arises out of the first supernovas … in what has been called “a sacrificial moment on a cosmic scale”. What does that make us? This service will explore that fact and ponder the different answers to that question.

Beth Fitzgerald is a long-time member of A2U2 and considers herself a “Religious Naturalist”. She has been exploring the New Cosmology since being introduced to it in 1989 through the work of cosmologist Brian Swimme, and it is the basis for her deep trust in the direction of evolution.

Re-balancing the Feminine and Masculine Archetypes

Patriarchy has become institutionalized through our structures and systems, including the structures of our minds. This dominator logic is sending us toward mass destruction. But a rising trend is shifting away from this and focusing instead on life-centric values. We need to restore the feminine to its complementary and balanced relationship with the masculine in order to make that shift. This will be a journey of illustrated wild and true tales along with an offering of new practices.

Barbara Murray’s education is in Counseling Psychology. She studied and has given her psyche free reign to wander the Jungian world of archetypes, myths, dreams and fairytales. Barbara has taught workshops, facilitated many groups, and worked with individuals and families until her recent retirement from Maine Medical Research Institute. She believes in magic, mystery, and miracles